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Accountability in the Caliphate: Third Edition

This book is available from Amazon. If one was asked to describe the Muslim world, dictatorship, tyranny and torture would pretty much sum up life in many Muslim countries today. Hopes of accountability (muhasabah), rule of law and justice seem a distant dream. In some countries, the level of cruelty inflicted upon the people easily rivals if not surpasses some of the worst oppression in history. Uzbekistan in Central Asia, while at the extreme end of the spectrum, is a sombre example of political life for many Muslims. In the 2000 elections the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov gained 91.9% of the vote. The sole opposition candidate Abdulhasiz Jalalov admitted he only entered the race to make it seem democratic and that even he voted for Karimov!1 Members of the Islamic political opposition have literally been boiled alive and thousands of Islamic activists continue to be imprisoned suffering unspeakable tortures.